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Surrey baby massage is a wonderful experience for both parent and baby.  It is a great way for parents to be able to communicate to their baby through touch.  Before babies are able to understand our language, our communication to our baby is often through touch. We hold, we cuddle, we stoke and massage is often part of this natural impulse.

Surrey Baby Massage teaches us to enhance our unique physical bond between parent and baby and secures the attachment, demonstrating love! 

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Baby Massage

Baby massage is a special experience for both parent and baby and has become very popular in the UK. 

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My name is Katie Norris. I was first introduced to baby massage through my career as a Neonatal Nurse.  It was through the simple mechanism of 'touch' that I would witness a small and vulnerable infant immediately reduce its level of stress and discomfort and strengthen his/her ability to relax.  It is fascinating to see that baby massage can help stimulate all major systems, co-ordination, respiration, digestion and learning abilities in infants.  Most importantly and most beneficially it's something that a parent of an infant can do to help their child improve physically and socially.  It has therefore provided not only huge benefits to infants but also to the parents, promoting bonding and attachment. 

Since having my own three children, I too have enjoyed learning to do baby massage on my three girls and watching the benefits it has given.  They all thoroughly enjoyed it and still do now! It is now that my children are slightly older. one aged 6 and twins aged 2 that I have decided to share my passion of baby massage and to teach it to others for their own enjoyment.          

"Baby Massage can be introduced after bath time or before bed as part of a the wind down process"

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